Announces New Management Assignments

VANCOUVER, CANADA -- February 15, 2001 -- Nam Tai Electronics, Inc. (“Nam Tai” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ/NM Symbol: NTAI and NTAIW; CBOE Symbol: QNA) today announced additions and promotions to its senior management team which will become effective on March 1, 2001.

Mr. Shigeru Takizawa - Chairman

Mr. Shigeru Takizawa, Nam Tai’s current President and Chief Executive Officer is being promoted to Chairman. Mr. Takizawa joined the Company in 1998 after a forty-year career with Toshiba Corporation where he held various senior management and executive positions including Technology Senior Fellow at the Application Engineer Department of Toshiba Corporation in charge of the Engineering Department. Mr. Takizawa is responsible for the management and direction of all business operations and technological development of Nam Tai and its subsidiaries and is also a Director. Mr. Takizawa graduated from the Toshiba School of Electronic Engineering. Mr. Tadao Murakami, Nam Tai’s current Chairman, will continue as an executive director with a focus on marketing and business development, particularly for the Japan market.

Mr. Toshiaki Ogi - Chief Executive Officer

Nam Tai is pleased to welcome its newest member, Mr. Toshiaki Ogi, who has joined Nam Tai in the position of Chief Executive Officer. Prior to joining Nam Tai Mr. Ogi was a senior director for Toshiba Battery Co., Ltd., Nam Tai’s joint venture partner in its rechargeable battery pack business. Mr. Ogi has 35 years of sales and marketing experience with Toshiba Corp. including 1.5 years with Toshiba Battery. He has worked in various countries including the U.S., Germany, Singapore and Hong Kong. Mr. Ogi is a graduate of economics at Yokohama National University. The Board of Directors has decided to nominate Mr. Ogi for a directorship position at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting on June 22, 2001.

Mr. Joseph Li - President

Mr. Joseph Li, co-founder, Chairman, and Managing Director of the J.I.C. Group of Companies (acquired by Nam Tai in October 2000), is expanding his management role at Nam Tai being promoted to the position of President of Nam Tai. Mr. Li has directed JIC’s business development since founding JIC in 1980 and has participated actively in People’s Republic of China public affairs for a number of years. Mr. Li is a representative of the Hong Kong members of the Luohu District Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the Luohu Chamber of Commerce. The Board of Directors will nominate Mr. Li for a directorship position at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting.

Mr. Y.C. Chang - Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Y.C. Chang, Managing Director of Nam Tai’s principal manufacturing subsidiary, Namtai Electronic (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd., is being promoted to the position of Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Chang joined the Company in 1991 and assumed the position of Assistant General Manager of Production before being promoted to Vice General Manager of the Company’s principal manufacturing facility in Shenzhen China in late 1997, and Managing Director this year. Prior to joining Nam Tai he was Assistant Production Manager for Inventec Co. Ltd. and Production and Quality Control Manager for Supercom Co. Ltd. Mr. Chang is a graduate of Chin-I College in Taiwan.

Fourth Quarter Results Analyst Conference Call Replay

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